Call center training and practice, based on real-life situations

The Challange

  • Call center training courses are 5-6 weeks long
  • A course typically contains 12-15 agents. Agent turnover is more than 30% in the first 3 months of employment, resulting in lost profits and low ROI per agent
  • Courses are theoretical and fail to simulate real-life scenarios
  • Agents are overloaded with new content and learning new skills
  • Agents completing the course are lacking confidence and are unequipped for the job
  • Agents require extensive mentoring before they can work independently

How many times have you heard at the end of the course:
“Need to add more hands on simulations”…
“The course was too theoretical and did not simulate real life scenarios”…
“There was such a big difference between the course and ‘real life’ in the call center”…

The Solution

Introducing bExpert

An interactive self-training system based on
actual recorded calls from the call center

  • Use recorded calls as a key learning tool for novice and veteran agents
  • Agents receive individual feedback in a highly realistic but controlled training environment
  • Redesign the course to directly meet the call center objectives
  • Shorten the course length while boosting effectiveness by including practice sessions from real-life scenarios


  • Dramatically improves agent confidence and performance via immersion into a realistic but controlled training environment
  • Provides personalized feedback to each learner
  • Enables full control of content and key areas of interest
  • Allows easy updating of scenarios, ensuring that content and business objectives remain current over time
  • Easily integrates into an organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) to enable training reports per agent, highlighting areas that still require improvement