Learning Solutions

End-to-end learning solutions

ExperTeam offers a complete solution for all your learning development needs, from analyzing your learning needs to identifying the right message, selecting the learning platforms and designing the learning solution (including defining methodology, writing all content, high level graphics and production).
We target all types of audiences: employees, partners and customers.
Whatever your business challenge, ExperTeam partners with you to implement fresh and creative learning solutions to support you in meeting your objectives.

Learning solutions produced by ExperTeam may be any blended solution of:


ExperTeam offers innovative and engaging eLearning solutions from script writing to full production and packaging, including LMS for tracking the learning process.

  • “How to” Clips
  • Process Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Rapid eLearning Tools (Storyline, Camtasia, Captivate and more)
  • Tailored Production (HTML5, Flash, Edge)
  • Gamification
  • Mobile Learning
  • Localization

Face-to-Face Workshops / Instructor Led Training

ExperTeam provides your trainers with professional learning kits that help them spread the knowledge effectively.

Our learning kits may include:

  • Presentations
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Student Guide
  • Learning Aids
  • Demonstrations
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Exams and Simulations
  • Train the Trainer

System Implementation

ExperTeam specializes in providing tailored solutions for system implementations using varied technological and methodological tools such as:

  • Instructor Led Training
  • eLearning
  • Learning Technologies
  • Change Management

Change Management

If your organization aims to implement a new internal system or process that will affect a large number of employees, a full change management solution is recommended.
Change Management is a broader solution that focuses on communicating the intended change throughout your organization for total “buy in”.
The idea is to mitigate the cycle from the existing system and process to full adaptation of the new one.

Change Management Solutions by ExperTeam include:

  • Internal Branding of the Required Change
  • Communications Strategy and Deliverables
  • Animated Awareness Videos or Clips
  • Full Training Solution
  • Mini Site
  • Job Aids

Learning Technologies

Learning is hard, accessing the training should be easy.
ExperTeam offers products and services around several learning technologies that bring the learning directly to your audience.

  • LMS (Learning Management System) to track learning and reports
  • EPSS (Electronic Performance Support Systems) to build online help processes to enhance system adoption
  • Digital Books – Tailored digital books; can include charts, movie clips, sound and more
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