Improving Performance

In order to produce training that improves performance, we should be intimately familiar with the customer’s business characteristics such as: goals and obstructions, priorities and weights, organizational tools, routines and procedures.

Comprehensive performance improving training often includes a combination of instructional disciplines, such as frontal learning, eLearning on a PC, tablet or mobile device. In our methodology we are strict about simulating real-time situations in training and exercises in order to best prepare the learner to work in the field. We incorporate learning games into exercising the professional materials and required skills. In addition, we guide the customer’s training teams in changing the job focus from trainer to trainer-coach.

Experteam specializes in designing performance improving training. Therefore, our team includes experienced training personnel and instructional designers from different disciplines:

  • Project managers proficient in report analysis, job components, goals etc. that construct a full job picture
  • Multimedia people that plan and execute any required design/interactive direction such as presentations, courseware, movies and games
  • Copywriters responsible for the creative aspect of the process
  • Technologists and programmers that assist in checking the suitable technologies for each instructional process in the organization and customize the solution to the organizational capabilities
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